Why is it when you’re feeling a little bit delicate, instead of looking for comfort in those around you, you look for it in an online community. From complete strangers who much like yourself, hide behind the computer screen.

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Lost, lonely and longing for life to begin…

Sitting at home, alone, the life suddenly sucked out of you, the darkness of being alone consumes you.  One thought turns to another, then another and before you know it you’re in a storm of thoughts, forgetting where you first began.

There are plenty of things on my mind today. Career mainly.  I finished my Masters over two months ago now and I am yet to find a job that enables me to use my knowledge and experience.  I dream of being a Dr, a Neurosurgeon but the struggle I am having as a 25-year-old woman is the thought of a family.  The thought that I’ll start a degree in medicine and regret not making time to have a family or worse, not having time for a family churning me up inside.  My life as it is, is full of what ifs? I have no certainty. Do I know where I’ll be in 10 years time? 5 even? Its unlikely that where I think I will be, I will actually end up.  Therein lies the problem… I do not do well with uncertainty.  I am one of those unfortunate people that needs to be in control of everything at all times otherwise I conjure up every possible circumstance that may arise and completely panic over the hypothetical situation I have built and blown up – silly really.  I have no idea where the intense desire to plan my every move to the next breath comes from but it is something I find a lot of individuals do, especially academics.  I find myself wondering; if this desire was not so strong, would these individuals be so successful? Is this what drives our wants, needs, dreams and ambition? Becoming an accomplished human being in a particular field can only be the byproduct of planning and executing a task to the best of your ability, can it not?

Here is where I tell myself it’s ok to feel lost, to feel disconnected, to feel like I have two degrees that I will do nothing with, because this is what drives me to plan my next move; how to move from this part of my life to the next.  I guess the one thing I could reduce is the catastrophic thinking, the what ifs can be pretty insane sometimes.  Years of battling anxiety and depression taught me to recognise such a thought and tell myself, tomorrow is another day, its ok to feel this way today, but tomorrow lets start again.

So as I sit here tonight, alone, and feeling lonely.  I ask myself… are you lonely? The answer … always no.  Just lost, trying to find my way through this maze we call life.

First blog post

So… Here I am! After randomly deciding to join the blogging world, I find myself writing my first post.  I’d never considered blogging as a way of expressing and networking, but after many colourful life experiences I’d like to share them with you and bring hope and comfort to any of you struggling to find yourselves in the beautiful decade of your twenties.

As you can see from my bio, I have two degrees, neither of which were an easy task! I was also balancing full time employment, and relationships … and one almost marriage (We can get to that later).  Life is what you make it and I tend to make mine quite complicated, for no particular reason and I’m not entirely sure that I realise I’m doing it.  I’m just in such a hurry to get through this part of my life, to the ‘good stuff’.  You know, the forever job, forever man, forever house, the 3 kids and a dog.  I often fail to realise that by doing this I am wasting the best years of my life, wishing I was somewhere else … Will that find me long term happiness? Probably not!

The beauty of your twenties is that these are things that are to be figured out.  If you do something wrong the first time, try again but get it right the second time around.  React differently, sit back and think, if I do it this way, what might happen.  We’re all guilty of trying to rush and messing something up completely. So my advice for today is … What happens today, can affect tomorrow, be calm, take your time, and don’t rush.